Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl Morgan is a Hugo Award-winning publisher and science fiction & fantasy critic.

Cheryl Morgan started Emerald City, one of the first online science fiction book review zines, in 1995. It won her a Hugo Award in 2004. Three more Hugos followed, including two while working for Clarkesworld Magazine. Cheryl is the first openly transgender person to win a Hugo, and she writes regularly on trans themes in science fiction and fantasy, including an essay in the 2017 book Gender Identity and Sexuality in Fantasy and Science Fiction. Cheryl also regularly gives lectures and papers on diversity in SF&F, including at the universities of Sussex, Liverpool, Anglia Ruskin, Bristol, La Trobe, and Bologna. In 2017, Cheryl was a member of the jury for the Tiptree Award. She own and runs Wizard's Tower Press. You can read more about her at Cheryl's Mewsings and follow her on Twitter.