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Graz does have an international airport, but it's small (which also has its perks, since there are practically no waiting times). Larger airports with regular direct connections to Graz are: Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Zurich, and Amsterdam.

If flying straight to Graz is not convenient and/or too pricey for you, we strongly suggest that you use Vienna Airport as your travel hub. There are convenient and regular train and bus services from Vienna Airport to Graz.


For arrival by train, check for connections with the Austrian National Rail; for bus, use Flixbus.

On the Austrian National Rail site, enter "Graz Hbf" as your destination; for Flixbus, "Graz (Girardigasse)."


The official conference hotels are located at Lendplatz, about a mile from campus. You may register your rooms through the Graz Tourism Office. Our contingent will be available until November 1. However, it's on a first come-first served basis.

Of course, you do not have to book one of the conference hotels; there are also your regular options like booking.com and Airbnb.

Hotels Within One Kilometer of Campus

  • NH Graz City **** (brand new; great location between the Old Town and campus; right next to "Stadtpark"--which some locals would consider a problem, since the most direct route from the hotel to campus is through the park, which is the #1 drug trading spot in town)
  • Palais-Hotel Erzherzog Johann **** (recommended)
  • Parkhotel Graz ****
  • Hotel Alter Telegraf ***
  • Hotel Villa Rückert **

Hotels Close to Main Railway Station (public transport links to the campus)

  • Hotel Drei Raben **** (about 500m from the railway station)
  • Hotel Europa | Austria Trend Hotel Europa Graz ****
  • Hotel Ibis Graz ***
  • Centro Hotel Strasser ***
  • Hotel B&B Graz ***
  • Hotel Daniel Graz ***
  • a&o Hostel Graz **

Hotels Close to Lendplatz (great public transport links; or walk about 20 mins; conference hotels not included)

  • Lendhotel **** (highly recommended, but pricey)
  • Zur Steirerstub'n ** (only a handful of rooms; rustic, but food, service, and location are great--ask for a room that doesn't face Lendplatz, as there's a farmers' market right across the street, where work starts at around 5am on Saturdays)
  • Parksuites Apartments Graz (these are short-term rents, i.e., these rooms have a kitchen, but there's little to no service; great rooms; 4 supermarkets within 5 minutes; the park across the street is the #2 drug trading spot in town--do with that information what you will ...)
  • City-Apartment Neubaugasse (again, short-term rent; 3 supermarkets practically around the corner)

Hotels in City Center

  • Hotel Gollner ****
  • Hotel Weitzer Graz ****
  • Hotel Wiesler ****
  • Hotel zum Dom **** (recommended; for the carnivores: best steaks in town next door)
  • Schlossberg Hotel ****
  • Hotel Mariahilf ***
  • Gapsite Hotel Graz

Hotels a Little Outside

  • AMEDIA Luxury Suites Graz ****
  • Augarten Art Hotel **** (highly recommended, but somewhat pricey; direct bus connection to campus only 5 minutes away)
  • Hotel Paradies **** (highly recommended, but about 35 minutes by bus)
  • Hotel roomz *** (good value for the money)
  • JUFA Hotel Graz City *** (good bus connection to campus)
  • Star Inn Graz *** (very good value for the money; good bus connection to campus)
  • Häuserl im Wald (neat location on the edge of a small forest; only a handful of rooms; it's not much more than 5 minutes from a streetcar stop, but there's a rather steep walk involved to get there)


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